Saban Glass

The hot shop is closing, and we will be taking our final gathers on December 15th.

50% off all remaining inventory, while supplies last.

From Hot Shop to Tabletop

Every piece of Saban Glass is made to order, by Cheryl and her talented team of glassblowers, and are made to be cherished. Saban Glass is created in their Los Angeles, California studio. Saban Glassware is a playful exploration of color, shape and pattern, using traditional glassblowing techniques and the finest materials available.

Our Signature Styles

Blown glass can be manipulated into a variety of textures, colors and patterns.
Shop your favorite styles below.

Fritsy Style

Wispy brush strokes of a bold, vibrant color.

Twisty Style

A delicate addition of color that twists around a sheer-colored glass in an elegant spiral.

Sheer Style

Sheer, colored glass with a delicate translucent appearance.


Fresh Outlook on Summer

Shop some of our most summer-worthy pieces to get ready for fun in the sun.

Saban Glass

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Made in the USA Handblown to order


These beauties are still available but selling fast! Perfect for everyone on your holiday lists, and at 50% off, while supplies last. 🎁
We still have a lot of colors left, but they are selling out fast. Shop now to secure your favorites while supplies last!
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