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Every colorful piece is hand blown by Cheryl Saban and our small team of talented glassblowers in our Los Angeles hot shop.

Cheryl Saban

Cheryl Saban

Owner, Designer, Glassblower

Over a decade ago, Cheryl discovered glassblowing and since then, her love for the art has only grown. Today, her collection reflects her passion for design, color, and the intimate nature of creating something special by hand. Cheryl personally designs each piece to combine beauty with durability, infusing artistry into objects of daily living. Through her functional art and charitable endeavors, Cheryl brings light and color to the world around her.

Tyler Barry

Head of Studio & Lead Glassblower

Born and raised in Nebraska, Tyler began his career as a glass artist at the young age of 7. With over 22 years of experience, he has redefined this craft and its meticulous process by designing pieces that are both functional and decorative. He heads the entire glassblowing team and makes sure each piece that leaves the hot shop is one-of-a-kind.

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Kaelyn LaVacque

Kaelyn LaVacque

Wholesale Relations

Annelise Pixler

Annelise Pixler

Logistics Coordinator

Tien & Jordan

Tien & Jordan


From Hot Shop to Tabletop

The journey from our Hot Shop to your table is one of passion, skilled artisanship, and endless precision. Every piece is custom-made using the following steps:


Clear molten glass is pulled from our furnace at 2,130 Fahrenheit by our team of skilled artisans using a blowpipe.



We add color to the hot glass in two ways; using tiny bits of colored glass, called “frit”, for our Fritsy items, and using an overlay – which is how we add sheer color to a clear bubble, to make our illusion pieces. All our color is sourced from Europe and is of the highest quality.


We reheat the glass and blow through the blow pipe into the glass that has been gathered on the end of the pipe. We continue to shape the glass, and blow more air into the pipe until the desired shape is reached. It’s a continual process, a continual back and forth from the furnace to the bench – like an orchestrated dance, where the glassblower works on the piece until it looks just right.



While the glass is still hot, each piece is stamped and branded to show it is a true Saban Glass piece.

Saban Glass


For 16-18 hours the piece is cooled down slowly starting at a temperature of 890 degrees Fahrenheit, until it reaches room temperature. This de-stresses and stabilizes the glass and makes it durable.


It is then brought to the cold shop where it’s smoothed and polished to perfection.


We take great care to package your custom piece and make sure it’s delivered to you intact.


Our meticulous process makes incredibly special, one-of-a-kind pieces that are crafted to last. Each and every creation is made with love and detail and will be shipped in 3-5 weeks from the moment you place your order. WE take great pride in our work, and want you to be happy!

Welcome to our Hot Shop

A place where our team gathers with Cheryl to take part in the development of new pieces to our line of hand blown glass. Our creations are intended to inspire togetherness and warmth in your home. So it should come as no surprise that they were brought to life in ours. And yeah, it is pretty warm in here!

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