Give the Gift of Choice: Why Gifting a Gift Card is Actually a Great Idea

What if you could give a gift that the person actually wanted? It's a simple concept, but one that many people forget.

Reason One: Allows the recipient to choose the exact product and color that they want.

When you give someone a gift card, it gives them complete autonomy over what they purchase. They get the freedom of choosing something themselves instead of receiving an item (or multiple items) that may or may not be exactly what they really wanted. This also helps avoid “Receivers Remorse.”

Reason Two: Avoid Receivers Remorse – when they would’ve preferred something else.

We all know the feeling of regret after a gift has been opened and you realize that it’s not exactly what you wanted or hoped for. This can cause receivers remorse, which is especially worse if this was given as an actual gift instead of a gift card.


Reason Three: Allows you to gift them exactly what they want.

Gift cards allow people the chance to buy something that they actually need or even just really wants and it helps others avoid giving an unwanted present which can be very disappointing for the giver as well! This is especially helpful when shopping for friends and family members that you don’t see often.

Reason Four: Allows you to shop last minute.

Another benefit of gift cards is the ability to purchase one at any time, which can even be done in store or online depending on where they were purchased from! This means not having to worry about shopping early for a certain holiday or event.

reason four
woman holding a gift card

Reason Five: Allows them to enjoy the shopping experience.

Who doesn’t love a little window shopping? Whether it’s browsing or actually purchasing something, gift cards allow people the chance to make their own decisions and explore everything that is offered from stores they already shop at as well as those they’ve always wanted to visit! This also means you don’t need to fight the crowds, plus it’s a great way for them to save some money!

Reason Six: Giving someone the invitation to splurge.

A gift card is like giving another person an open tab at the bar – they can order whatever their hearts desire and then settle up with you later (without the hassle of splitting the bill). A gift card is a great way to help someone else indulge in something they normally can’t or don’t treat themselves.

Reason Seven: You can pair it with something even more personalized: a handwritten note, a bottle of wine, etc…

A gift card alone isn’t what makes for an amazing present. There are so many other items that can be paired with a gift card to really make it special. Pairing the perfect wine or even creating your own personalized note is an easy way to add some extra love when gifting someone something you might not otherwise have been able to do!

Reason Eight: You don’t need to fight the crowds, deal with shipping delays.

Last but not least this is a great way to shop last minute and without the hassle of waiting for items that you ordered online or through the mail. It’s easy, fast, simple and provides tons of options! No matter where they live there are so many places available to purchase gift cards from which means you have one less thing to worry about when the holidays are getting closer!

There are plenty of reasons to give a gift card and whoever gets one is going to be thrilled! They’ll enjoy the shopping experience, spend the money how they want and you can even add some extra love with other items. Gift cards are amazing presents that help people get what they really want while also making it easy on their friends and family members who may not know exactly what they’re looking for.
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