International Women’s Day.
Every Single Day

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Raise your hand blown glasses high up in the air… to women and girls!

First of all… cheers to all the women and girls out there… those who are making a difference, making things equal and making a name for themselves. Kind of like our own #hotshopmama, Cheryl Saban, who has devoted her life to empowering and improving the lives of women and girls through her many charitable endeavors.

For all of us at Saban Glass, Women’s Day is simply a way of life. It’s about devoting our time, talent and resources to the cause. And supporting all the women out there who are speaking up, and showing up, every single day. Happy Women’s Day from the female-founded, Saban Glass. 

Celebrate Women @sabanglassware 

To celebrate Women’s Day/Month, we will be highlighting and supporting women entrepreneurs. Be sure to check in on Instragram, often, to learn about these powerful and successful women who serve as an example of what this month represents, and its theme, “I am generation equality. Realizing Women’s Rights.”

Join us as we celebrate people like…

Christina Karin

She’s a mother of two. She’s also the Founder/Creative Director/Designer of the fashion brand, Christina Karin. And she designs each collection with the intent of empowering women, regardless of their background, age or circumstance.Cindy Eckert Purple Jacket

Cindy Eckert

Cindy has built two companies and sold them for $1.5B. Today, through her “Pinkubator,” she has brought forth important female focused products such as the first flushable pregnancy test, and a disk that detects date rate drugs in drinks. She is creating an army of female business owners and is leading a new charge through her #WomenOnTop movement.

 Saban Glass. Adding color to the lives of women & girls.

So stay tuned. We will be celebrating and sharing the stories of impactful females all month long. As for the rest of the year, we will just keep doing what we do. We’re a female founded business that exists to add color to the lives of all people. In particular, women and girls. Because when our #hotshopmama is not in the hot shop, she’s devoting her time and resources to the Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for Women & Girls. 

Women are the heartbeat of community. When women and girls thrive, life is better for everyone.
-Cheryl Saban

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