Fritsy Drinking Glass


Made to Order | Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

Made to Order | Lead Time: 4-6 weeks

Make beautiful design part of your everyday with our Fritsy’s one-of-a-kind pattern in a go-to daily drinking glass.

Make beautiful design part of your everyday with Fritsy’s one-of-a-kind pattern in a go-to daily drinking glass.

With their multi-purpose shape, our Fritsy drinking glass effortlessly transitions from a good-looking durable workhorse to dinner party conversation piece. Best of all, it’s available in a jewel box of colors to complement your style. Whether you’re serving up a G&T or water with citrus, our Fritsy drinking glass makes everything look artful.

3.125” W x 3.75” H
Holds 12 oz

Each of our products is handmade. Slight variations may occur. Dishwasher safe when placed on the top shelf.

Due to the hand made nature, all products will ship 1-2 weeks after an order is placed. For wholesale orders, please allow 4-6 weeks for your order to arrive. Lighting lead time is 6 – 10 weeks. Upon receiving your order please open and contact us within five days to address any damaged or incorrect orders. For more information on our shipping, delivery and returns / exchange policy please click here.

Why it’s So Special

• With 20+ colors to choose from, everyone can toast in their favorite color.

• They are durable enough for everyday use (and dishwasher safe!)

• Allows you to mix and match different colors and patterns, creating a unique and eclectic look.

Timeless Design:
Perfectly proportioned to never go out of style – our pieces are meant to last a lifetime (and beyond).

Curated Color:
Availablle in a thoughtful range of colors that make them shine.

Durable for Everyday:
Simply pick up any of our pieces to see how much weight they carry.

Saban glass

Made to Order:
Each special piece is made especially for you.

Perfectly Imperfect:
No two pieces are ever exactly the same, making each of them incredibly special.

Signed with a Stamp:
You will find our stamp on each piece, placed there during the glassblowing process.

Weight N/A
Fritsy Colors

Creamsicle, Lemon Drop, Golden Hour, Chartreuse, Apple Green, Sage, Lime, Jade Green, Turquoise R-49, Light Blue, Dove Grey, Pigeon Blue, Marine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Opal Violet, Raspberry, Blush, Poppy Red, Tangerine, Mango Yellow, Opal White, White Smoke, Clear Textured, Crème Brown, Taupe, Peacock, Toffee


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