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Margaritas in Twisty Drinking Glasses

It’s been a busy year so far. We made it through the Holiday Season. We ushered in 2020. We cherished our loved ones on Valentine’s Day. And now, we get to celebrate our successes. Because…

February 22nd is Margarita Day!

On the surface, a day devoted to a tequila-based cocktail might not seem all that important. But we’d like to offer some support, some advice, some backstory and some expert tips on why this day is actually a day to savor.

For starters, Margarita Day is about about a drink, that is rarely drank alone. It’s about gathering with friends and family. Which, coincidentally, is the exact reason why we make hand blown glassware. It’s also about craft. There are bad margaritas. And then there are the ones worthy of the people you choose to share them with. We’re going to focus on that kind.

Margaritas do not come from “Margaritaville.”

Although “Margaritaville” might serve as the official margarita anthem, it actually has absolutely nothing to do with the roots of the drink. The most served up story dates back to 1938, when Carlos “Danny” Hererra crafted this cocktail in his Tijuana-based restaurant, Rancho La Gloria. The story goes… one of his regular customers, an aspiring actress named Majorie King, was allergic to all alcohol… except for, you guessed it, Tequila. Carlos added a lime and a bit of salt to make it more refreshing.


Rancho La Gloria Restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico
Rancho La Gloria Restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico


A So Cal Twist in a Twisty Glass.

One of our favorite margaritas comes from our friend and culinary expert/surfer, Bill Borden. Some might call it a “skinny” margarita, less sweet, but we just love its simplicity and So Cal vibe. A truly refreshing cocktail. And if we don’t say so ourselves, made to be served in our hand blown Twisty Drinking Glasses

In a martini shaker add:

Lots of ice
2 parts tequila (we like Espolon Silver or perhaps a nice Reposado)
1 part (or slightly less) Cointreau or Patron Orange
1 – 1.5 fresh squeezed limes

Turn on “Margaritaville.” Shake aggressively to the beat. Pour over ice. And for a twist, juice in some blood orange into your Twisty glass. Or perhaps, add a tiny splash of ginger beer.

Lastly, and most importantly… pair with friends.

Friends sharing a drink with Twisty Drinking Glasses
Friends sharing a drink with Twisty Drinking Glasses
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