Something new. Something Pigeon Blue.

It might surprise you to know that Cheryl’s two favorite things in life are skiing and blowing glass. In fact, she finds these two activities to be very similar in nature.
Something New. Something blue

There’s a lot of newness happening over at Saban Glass. New colors. New techniques. New textures. Even a new-ish name. So for this episode of “The Gather,” we thought we’d talk about all of the new, not to mention, our heroic color… Pigeon Blue.

Our New-ish Name:
In case you haven’t noticed, we have a new name. It’s pretty close to our old one, just a bit shorter and sweeter. So please join us in welcoming… Saban Glass.

Our New Products:
This part makes us a little giddy. You see, we’ve got a lot of new glass. There’s our new Twisties… glassware with whimsical twists of color that wrap (or spiral) around the glass.  There’s our new line of Sheers…  glasses that utilize a very fine frit that results in color that is both muted and transparent. There’s the new Vases… like our truly one-of-a-kind “LA Traffic” Vase that, as Cheryl puts it, “ is a chaotic, beautiful, wonderland of colors.” (No further explanation needed.) And then there’s the lamps…

Our New Lamps:
It was only natural that our hand blown glass creations, become bearers of light. To begin with, there’s the Betty Table Lamp, which was named after Cheryl’s muse, her Mom. Available in several colors, but we’re partial to Pigeon Blue. In fact, the Betty Table Lamp was just made a finalist for the NY Now Best New Product Award. We are so blown away by the recognition. Betty would most definitely be proud.

View our new collection of lamps.

Our New Continues:
Blowing glass is fluid, it’s alive, it’s a “flow experience.” 

Sameness is not a part of our practice. New will go on because Cheryl’s creative spirit is on fire. Each new product inspires another new creation. Each new color inspires another new emotion. Hang around and you’ll see that 2020 will be full of new. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, lots of our favorite color, Pigeon Blue.

Visit our shop to see all of Cheryl’s new creations.

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