Top 10 ways to make home…. Work.

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A curated list of great advice for surviving and thriving at home.

Look, we’re not necessarily experts on the matter. But we do have a few thoughts on how to deal with making the home… work. We’ve also seen some really good stuff online and on social media lately. So instead of just giving you our two cents on the matter, we thought we’d curate a list of some of our favorite bits of advice from our friends out in the world.


Keep gathering! Yeah, we said it. But before you gasp at that notion, think about the meaning of the word. To gather (or being together) can take place with just the people inside your home. So be sure to create special moments with those very people. Bust out the good dishes for dinner, and of course, some vibrant hand blown glass. Gather responsibly. But never stop gathering. Maybe invite another family over (virtually on Zoom) for dinner. And be sure to click “gallery mode.” It’s way more fun.

2) Live in the present! Today you have one task and that’s getting through today. Think about the things you can control, and stop worrying about the things you can’t.  Here’s a thought… take a news free night. Starting at 5pm, no more news, no more updates and if you can, no more Instagram. But we’ll forgive you if that’s just a little too much to ask.

3) Support local shops. Sure, Amazon has got you covered and we couldn’t be more appreciative to the Amazon employees that are keeping our lives well-stocked. But don’t forget about the businesses in your community. Shop local when it’s available. Do some research and you’ll be surprised which businesses are still in business. Like, for example, @sonnyalexanderflowers, who are making and delivering beautiful flower bouquets (perfect for your Saban Glass vases). While you’re at it, maybe send an uplifting gift to a friend.


4) Adults need to learn too. For those of you that might actually have some time on your hands, may we suggest something that’s both entertaining and educational. Masterclass (, offers up classes in everything from filmmaking (Martin Scorsese) to photography (Annie Leibovitz). Maybe take a cooking class with Wolfgang Puck. Saban Glass is especially excited about their latest class, Interior Design with Kelly Wearstler.

5) Reduce anxiety by staying active. Psychologist Dr. John Piacentini, from UCLA, went on @nbcla to provide information on how to reduce stress at home. For starters, he says, maintain structure and routine. Stay as healthy as you can (while following all guidelines, of course). Manage anxiety by getting enough sleep, eating healthily, exercising regularly (schedule exercise times) and not turning to alcohol as a stress reliever. We say, save the alcohol for a hand blown toast at dinnertime 🙂

6)Tech Tip Time. Here’s a simple tip for those of you who rely on a scanner to get your work done, but don’t have one at home. Go to the “Notes” app on your iPhone and hit the little camera button. It will ask if you want to scan a document. Snap a picture and it will be saved as a pdf. Voila!

7) Cook with pantry staples. A recent Food & Wine article featured some amazing recipes that can be made with the food that’s already in your pantry. So avoid the grocery store and try your hand at dishes like Pulling-From-The-Pantry Puttanesca or Orzo and Chickpeas with Turmeric-Ginger Broth. Click here for the rest of the recipes.

8) The science of positivity. A recent post on brought to our attention the  fact that staying positive can actually change your brain chemistry, improve problem solving abilities and increase the body’s immunity.  It doesn’t mean you always have to be happy, “it means that even on the hard days, you make the choice to expand rather than contract.”

9) Help the Helpers. Health care workers are running out of supplies. Many doctors are being told to use what ever they can to protect themselves, like a scarf. (Not good). This is something we can all get involved with. For example, donate some of your N95 masks if you have any extras. For more information on how you can help, check out

10) Go Green. A simple houseplant can do wonders for your environment. It can brighten your day and even add some fresh oxygen to your home. In particular, your home office. So get planting. (Also a very fun thing to do with the kids). Check out for ideas, inspiration and some amazing online workshops. Also, check out Click & Grow to start your own indoor herb garden (with over 45 fruits, herbs and leafy greens to choose from).

Home is now where the heart, school, office, movie theatre, restaurant, hairdresser, yoga studio and gym is. Let’s make the best of it! 

Note… Always follow the current CDC guidelines in terms of personal safety. The above bits of advice are based on today’s situation. Tomorrow, the rules might change so stay tuned.

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