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Welcome to the Saban Glass Family

Here is a quick summary of our wholesale and designer program. Please continue to click through the pages to complete the registration process and activate your account!

  • Approved retail wholesale partners will receive a minimum of 50% off all Saban Glass products
  • Approved designers will receive up to 20% off all Saban Glass products
  • We require a $500 minimum order for all orders placed
  • Confirmation this is for a storefront that is commercially open to the public
  • We do not offer exclusivity by location or product
  • Drop shipping services or direct to customer services are not provided. All wholesale orders must ship to the store front or agreed store owned location.
  • All shipping will be charged separately once the order is complete and ready to be sent out
  • Everything is hand made so sizes may vary slightly
  • We do not accept returns. Exchanges are welcomed if the item is incorrect or damaged

Wholesale Partner Locations

We know it is important for you and your customers to know that your shop carries unique and beautiful items that might not be available in the surrounding area. That’s why we want you to know that there might be other wholesale partners in your area. Feel free to chat with a Saban Glass representative to see if there are any active Saban Glass accounts in your area.

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